Garden of Eden

Lawn furniture tomato cages
Lawn furniture tomato cages

I know it seems lame and domestic to brag about my garden all the time, so I won’t. I will say, however, that I am proud of the fact that my garden might be the most creative use for old lawn furniture ever. We used to buy aluminum tomato cages and put them up, but my tomato plants are so huge and he-man-istic in their giantness that they would collapse regular tomato cages. One day I remembered that I had stacked a number of old iron lawn chairs, tables, end tables and accessories on top of the chicken coop. I know; we don’t have chickens. Anyway, it occurred to me that they were much sturdier than tomato cages, and weren’t doing anything atop the chicken coop but waiting to be projectiles during a tornado.

Today I tilled the garden and planted. The cantankerous tiller we have normally takes lots of pulls and babying to start, but instead started on the third pull, and I was off. Once in a while I think maybe tilling would be a good alternate career for me. It’s very viscerally satisfying.

12 tomato plants, 12 bell pepper plants, two rows of cucumbers and four rows of cantaloupe. The goats watched with great interest, since the weeding process before planting yeilds many weeds they eat, which I throw over the fence to them. The yard is greening too, but not fast enough for Buxton, who is again sticking his head through the fence, which means he will probably get it stuck again.

It was a beautiful evening when I finished, so I took a little walk around the patch. There is some water in the pond, and if we get some rain, which is forecast, things should turn beautiful very soon.

Finally, I have to say that it’s really nice to be outside with my goats, which are pets, not livestock, and which are fun, affectionate, intelligent animals. In the winter, I feel sad that I don’t spend more time with them.