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Look no farther for my blogging: all my eggs are in this basket.
Look no farther for my blogging: all my eggs are in this basket.

Some of you may have noticed that there is a blog seemingly missing from the links list here at It was The Knowledgeum, a blog I had intended to use primarily as my “angry rant” blog as well as my “avant garde” blog. The blog you are viewing now, The Giant Muh, was my first blog, and originated on Blogger before I made the decision to use WordPress on my own web site, a decision that turned out to be one of the best I have made concerning this site.

I found recently that blog entires I created often straddled the line between the two blogs, and on several occasions I have moved an entry from one blog to the other as my view of it changed. I also considered the notion that if I am willing to post something to my web site at all, I should be willing to put it in as open a setting as any of my blogs offer, not hiding it away on any kind of special blog. Finally, I find that unifying the two blogs will allow my readers to navigate my entries more smoothly.

All entries from The Knowledgeum have been moved to here, so no content is missing.

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  1. I like your decision to combine the two. Your blog is one of the very few that I actually read and enjoy. Thanks for your creativity, Richard Barron. Your art and your verbiage are much appreciated.

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