Eels: Our Hidden Enemy

“I don’t know where it is, but there’s a lot of juice in there.” -D, about T

I don’t mean to be nosey, but I was going through your things and…

“Suck until there’s nothing left but a clear, dried-out husk.” -D

“Does my head stink?” -T  “Yes, but not a human stink.” -R

It could be worse. You could have to use your tongue as toilet paper.

-Lope the Mule
-Smooch the Donkey
-“Don’t eat dog.”
-Redneck Corner
-Golden Wus
-Git ‘n’ Scram

“You know, Tulsan’s sh!t doesn’t stink.” -W

“Mmmm. Fuzzy pink spot smell like tuna.” -Porn, c. 1980

“I just finished reading Naked Lunch and the jissom is still dripping off of the end of my fork.” -D

“It’s harder to control your cherry-to-crust ratio if it’s not a piece.” -R

Afraid? Most people fear being eaten alive more than anything else,
yet are more likely to die of injuries that occur while being abducted by aliens
from planet ten.

“I keep it in a jar under my bed next to my penis.” -H

“When I eat this cookie, I can’t hear a word anyone is saying.” -?

T is the Stealth Bomber of the fart world.

“No, nobody could mistake R for being uptight, not with that big plopping
dump of a personality he has.” -D

Tofutti Cutie, dangerous booty.
Wine on Zima, butthole reema.
Fritter under the towel, no problem with bowel.
Brocoli on ‘tater, lots of poop later.
Wine on gin, sex with your kin.
Zima on rum, ferrett up the bum.

“Space takes up a lot of room. I’ve found that if you let most of the space out of a piano, you can fit it in your trunk.” -R

“The record is 9 turkey feathers in his ureter.” -T

“I touched one. Don’t lick my finger.” -D

Football lit by smudgepots. Long crazy shadows – demonic abscense of eyes caused by over-arching helmet brow.

Field hockey is very cool lit by Tiki torches.

weary of killing
the slickened axe slips from my grasp
clunk-glunk on the ground
OLD HICKRY did her job well
never even sharpened her
weight head propelled
gory momentum
now, I withdraw from the edge