Arbor Day!

A truck load of potential, the trees I bought today.
A truck load of potential, the trees I bought today.

This project got pushed back a couple of weeks by miserable weather or job conflicts, but today I finally got to town in the truck and bought fruit trees! I got two Early Elberta peaches and two regular Elberta peaches, two dwarf Santa Rosa plums, two Early Golden apricots, two Bing cherries (I had to, since we live in Byng), and two paper shell pecans, one Stuart and one Choctaw. The tree place didn’t have the shade trees we wanted for the driveway, like Willows or Redbuds, but we can get them later in the week.

I set the fruit trees out by the garden, the place I plan my orchard, in hopes that they might dig their own holes and plant themselves, but it looks like I might have to get the shovel after all.

A couple of my friends told me a few years back that fruit trees were more trouble than they were worth. At the time, that advice seemed like nonsense, and after last year’s bumper crop of plums and peaches at Echo Canyon Bed and Breakfast, then peaches and apples down at Dorothy’s house, I found that I wanted more fruit and in more variety. We live on a pretty large patch of land, and fruit is an almost perfect food for a vegan like me.

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