Passé? I’ll Pass.

Your brilliant host
Your brilliant host

Someone at my office today casually announced that “blogging is passé.” Of course, I beg to differ, in some cases. The truth is that overall, blogging was dead before it started, since it was shallow, annoying, incomplete and uncreative in the first place. So yes, bad blogging is passé.

If we are to believe in following trends, are we also to believe that blogging has been replaced by Twitter and Facebook? Instead of reading paragraphs of blogging, we read single sentences of updates. Or we read illiterate sentence fragments. Quite honestly, those endeavors are the shallowest, silliest efforts on the internet. They were passe on the day they were created, and get burdened with more boredom each day.

It is my hope that this blog is none of those vituperatives. I try to make it challenging, subtle, complex, intriguing. I try to keep it visually interesting. And most of all, I try to keep it honest.


  1. Though the river of posts over at The Grapevine has kind of dried up, I’ve always blogged for myself; to keep a record of My People. I think you do a fab job.

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