Falling Skies

Michael and I talked on the phone the other night, and he told me that at a recent social occasion, he wasn’t feeling like himself, so…

Michael makes images at the Oklahoma City Zoo some years ago.
Michael makes images at the Oklahoma City Zoo some years ago.

Dream: Michael and I are exploring Oklahoma Memorial Stadium at Oklahoma University. As we explore, he removes a micro-SD card from his camera and places it on a concrete ledge near the top of the bleachers. I tell him to give it to me instead, but he won’t, then sits down and asks me to take him to the hospital.

When we return on game day, the stadium is filling with people. A woman from security is helping me look for the SD card, but we can’t find it. At one point, I come around a corner and there is an unexpected 30-foot drop. I leap to the bottom, but am unharmed. (This comes from telling a story yesterday about our newspaper’s publisher in the 1990s falling from our roof.)

Finally I give up, since the Sooners are about play football. I see Oklahoman photographer Doug Hoke. The pre-game festivities involve tearing down the old stadium lights while everyone watches, but there is a serious miscalculation and the lights fall on the crowd, injuring many of them.

I also recently dreamed that while traveling across the country, Abby and I stopped to play battle croquet with the cast of The Big Bang Theory.

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