That Cross-Country Daze

Abby and I are home after driving 21 hours from Florida in Mom’s car. When we were packed and preparing to leave, the car was so full that Abby said, “you couldn’t get a dime in that back seat.” We made the trip in three days, and with Abby along it was actually pretty fun. In addition to see a part of the country we’d never seen, we had Mom’s CD collection on board, and I fell in love with Mozart and Beethoven all over again.

 We also stopped at The Natural Bridge of Alabama, which was quiet and a bit out of the way, and was a nice break. Plus, I figured I probably wasn’t coming back anytime soon, so it was worth a look.

The Natural Bridge of Alabama
The Natural Bridge of Alabama

  1. Glad to hear you made it back. Yeah, those long road trips are so much better when (1) you have a great companion along, and (2) you get to stop at beautiful locales like those in your photos.

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