The Wild Heart

Abby's wildflowers earlier this week
Abby's wildflowers earlier this week

Those who have read me for many months know that Abby planted a wildflower garden just a week before she became critically ill with pneumonia last year. Since she was hospitalized for nearly six weeks and weakened for months afterwards, she was unable to tend the garden. The flowers she planted, however, did well, and greeted her when she finally came home. This spring, a number of their seeds have germinated, and I am unable to express how happy I feel when I see them.

If you know me well, you know that I tend to delay my reactions to emotional situations, and last year was no exception. I held myself together pretty evenly at the time, and only in recent months do I feel I am finally dealing with that situation.

It’s amazing to realize that in just two weeks it will have been a year since she was sick.

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