Dreams Like Water

Update: while I was out, I saw a double-pup semi, and it reminded me that I also had a long, complex dream about driving a semi with about four trailers at once. In the dream, I remember getting it stuck in a parking lot, and having some truck drivers help me drive it through a narrow door.

Last night I had two dreams. In the first, the mafia is coming to get us, and we are arming up. Abby has her revolver, but I have a rather nice M9. In the dream, I feel confident we can gun down the mob. In the next dream, I found a Nikon D70 on the ground. I decide to put my 28mm on it and use it as a walk-around camera.

I swear, I’m the biggest photo nurd ever.

  1. Aah, you have been watching General Hospital, haven’t you?? You’re Jason and Abby is Sam, right?

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