Weirdest Tree Trimming Ever

LIghts that I "trimmed" from our tree
Lights that I "trimmed" from our tree

Abby and I put up the Christmas tree and some of the decorations today. The tree itself is an artificial Brentwood Spruce of Wal Mart lineage, and came pre-lit. Last year, however, the strings of lights on it began to fail, and when I plugged it in today, only about a quarter of them worked. I decided to remove the “pre-lit” lights and put LED lights in their place. I discovered that the only practical way to do this was to cut the existing lights to pieces with my Stanley steel nipper, to make way for the new lights. I must have spent an hour under that tree, trimming off unused wire and lights, redefining the term “trimming the tree.”

Our Christmas tree decorated at the end of the night
Our Christmas tree decorated at the end of the night


  1. I’m sorry; it appears that I bogarted all of your “light karma”. All eleventybillion of my light strings worked, no replacing, jiggling, or foul-mouthing necessary.

  2. This is such a great idea!! I’m convinced this whole pre-lit tree idea was another way to increase the waste of our hard earned money!!

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