First Date with Abby

Abby and I met at our office and had dinner at Papa Gjorgjo next door to our office in downtown Ada.

I invited her to see the house I am considering buying from Ann Kelley. When trying to get into my car, the door wouldn’t open – probably since it was very cold and I washed the car earlier in the day – so she climbed over the center console to get in.

We then drove to the house on 17th Street. We talked about fixing it up; she even pulled up a corner of carpet to see if it had wood floors. We held each other by the gas fireplace, mostly holding hands and talking.

Back at my apartment, we curled up on my futon, held each other close and talked more. She purred. I held her hands and touched her hair and nestled closer and closer. We traded back rubs. It turned into kissing, so much kissing.

We were happy to be together. She likes me. She likes my beard. She likes the way she feels when I hold her.

Now, I can still taste her goodnight kiss. We had a great time.

Abby Milligan
Abby Milligan


  1. Wow. I can relate. I always knew the two of you have a very special relationship because you so frequently reference Abby in conversation, almost always referring to her as “my wife.” I just had never met someone so obviously proud and happy to be in marriage as you are. (I’m not idealizing your relationship, just reporting what I saw.) When I met Christa, for me, it was love at first sight, and she says she felt the same. We’ve been together every day since then for the last four months. I can’t wait to refer to her as “my wife,” as frequently as possible. You’re a lucky guy. Glad to see you posting so much, and with such affection and warmth, about your wife. It is an inspiration.

  2. I remember cheering you on, she is as lovely as the day you made her yours. I second the above you look good in love both of you.

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