The Theme Contest

Calling all readers: now is your chance to be the center of attention (for about five seconds.) Here’s why…

I was getting dressed this morning and pulled out a t-shirt I really liked. It fits well and is a good color for me. I thought about how cool it would be if it was some sort of shirt. I even started to design a shirt at, but only got as far as “”, followed by typing and deleting stupid subthemes like “start clicking” and “like it or not” and “web of intrigue.” The last one, I admit, has potential.

So, readers, please comment with your suggestions about what might look good on a shirt. If I use your idea, when I get the shirts made, I’ll send you one. Win-win!

Searching for a mandate from the people
Searching for a mandate from the people


  1. It’s ALL right here

    Don’t be Jelly

    Say Fred, how’s that microwave?

    DO U?

  2. Here are some from the Giant Muh I am considering…

    Copy, Paste, Repeat
    Gestapo Tactics Against Tiny Kittens
    Puerile and Uninteresting
    Pwning the !nternets
    Oh the Humanity!
    One Half Genius, One Half Idiocy, One Half Fart Jokes
    Banned in 43 Countries
    This Space Left Intentionally Blank
    Endorsed by the National Blog Council
    Crying Over Spilled Milk
    Making the Obvious Even Obviouser
    Gestapo Tactics Against Tiny Kittens
    Burning the Reichstag
    Copy, Paste, Repeat
    Everybody Just Shut Up! I’m Trying to Think!
    Made from Emu Oil and Unicorn Tears
    This is my web site. There are many like it, but this one is mine. Without my web site, I am useless. With me, my web site is useless…
    The Only Web Site with the Power to Validate You as a Human Being
    I’m Richard Barron and I Approve this Message
    This is Your Life, and It’s Ending One Stupid Blog Post at a Time
    Laughingly Obvious
    The Best Empty Platitudes on the Internet
    You Can Log Out Any Time You Like, but You Can Never Leave
    Unraveling This Mortal Coil
    Believing Absurdities and Committing Atrocities
    From the Grimy Chap with the Ill-Fitting Trousers
    Better Lame than Never
    Daring to Ruffle the Feathers of Mediocrity
    The Elephant in the Room
    The Apex Predator of the Internet
    My Chalk Mark in the Rain Storm
    Weaponizing the Truth
    We Are of the Earth, Yet We Fly
    Sure, You Think You Hate It Now, but Wait ‘Til You Read It!

    What the hell are YOU looking at?


    RICHARDBARRON.NET: You give us 30 minutes, we’ll make you want it back.

  4. RICHARDBARRON.NET: The Supreme Court can’t define it, but you’ll know it when you see it.

  5. Not just another Dick.
    It is a camera lens in my pocket (but I’m still happy to see you).
    Still sharp at iso50.
    Still flashing at 50.
    Photography: it’s light work.
    I’m not a P-mode kinda guy.
    No falloff wide open.
    I shoot raw.
    Glass beats megapixels.
    Compensation is composition.
    Sharper when I’m stopped down.
    No filter when IR exposed.
    Smaller f’s have more depth.
    Getting paid to shoot people.

  6. Only One Degree of Separation From His Famous Sister, Nicole Hammill.

  7. I like Daring to Ruffle the Feathers of Mediocrity and Weaponizing the Truth. But also, Saving the world one click at at time.

  8. I’m often thoroughly amused by the titles you write for your blog entries, and many of them would make good taglines on a shirt (especially taken out of context). A few:

    We Can’t Be Retarded Any More, but Are Anyway
    I Could Not Have Been More Wrong
    Another Fun Fact
    Too Much Pee and Politics
    History’s Best Naps
    “I’m with Skip!”
    Another Fun Fact (Again. I really like this one.)
    Which Came First?

  9. Because portable-inflatable-amphibious-submersible-nuclear-space-assault-battleships don’t just invent themselves.

    Remember: living the dream means you’re a dream liver.

    My camera has a strap. Please stop referring to it as my strap-on.

    Overlord of the digital-darkroom.

  10. I Want all of these…

    The Writing on the Wall
    Analysis Shows…
    A Steaming Pile of Irony
    Shiny, Metallic and of Great Value
    Conscience of the King
    Culling the Herd One Sacred Cow at a Time
    Our 15 Minutes
    You Know Who You Are
    Hand Me a Plunger
    An Opinion Machine
    Free Info on Mind Control
    We All Have a Past…
    Ghosts in the Machine
    A Dream within a Dream
    Is Reality Real?
    Ich bin ein dustmite!
    Awaking to Perfect Sanity
    Sic Semper Tyrannis!
    Arbeit Macht Frei
    How Not to Blog
    A Hunger that Never Dies
    The Unforgettable Fire
    Reality Check
    If you can bear the terrible secret
    Goodbye Freedom
    Brand X
    Don’t Try this at Home
    Walking on Sunshine
    Utopian Meritocracy
    A Modest Proposal
    Why Am I Wasting Your Time?
    The Name of the Beast
    We Shall Meet in the Place Where There is No Darkness
    Let’s Play Cameras!
    The Wild Road Ahead
    Green Box Mode
    Summoning the Muse
    The Insult as Argument
    Apocalypse on Walton’s Mountain
    Ultimate Nihilism
    Briefly Posted, then Retracted Due to ©Copyright Issues
    The Pig is in the Poke

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