1. Jimmy Hoffa, I just want to know where that fella landed. My friend Danielle from childhood just be neat to see who she turned out to be. I guess I don’t need 7 just the two, my curiosity is limited due to the Monday blues.

  2. Besides scriptual/historical personages, all the explorers have a special draw for me.

    Put me down for the first person to travel the furthest (on this globe) and my Parents.

    I award this Best Question of the Year status.

  3. “I award this Best Question of the Year status.”

    It’s early in the year, but yes. :-)

    I searched Google and “RFI” didn’t turn up anything like what I think you meant… though RFID did. I’ll assume you’re referring to radio frequency identification.

    1. Wil C. Fry (I’ll be darned if I can remember where he was so much of the time.)
    2. One of those Chinese guys who got to America before the Europeans (see Gavin Menzies’ “1421”)
    3-7. Probably as boring as anyone else’s answers. ;-)

  4. For the record, one of my pet peeves is unnecessary abbreviations using two letters to represent one word. In addition to ID for IDentification, I dislike TV for TeleVision, and OST for Original SoundTrack.

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