Kool and the Gang vs KC and the Sunshine Band

Yes, this is a post about how much sh!tty music has accumulated in my iTunes library. Some of it came to me when it appeared on an abandoned hard drive at the office, and I just copied all to my iTunes and planned to cull it later. (It turns out that it takes quite a while to cull 7000 songs.)

Abby bought me a tiny MP3 player recently, so I am weeding my way through all these titles to build a few choice MP3 lists. Here is what I am discovering…

  • KC doesn’t shine on me
  • Kool isn’t cool
  • Kenny Loggins? How the hell did he get in there?
  • Juice Newton? Juice?
  • John Mellonwhatever should have kept the Cougar
  • Coolest lyrics so far in the building of this list…

Babble babble bitch bitch
Rebel rebel party party
Sex sex sex and don’t forget the “violence”
Blah blah blah got your lovey-dovey sad-and-lonely
Stick your STUPID SLOGAN in:
Everybody sing,
Are you m*therf*ckers ready
For the new sh!t?
Stand up and admit,
tomorrow’s never coming.
This is the new sh!t.
Stand up and admit.
Do we get it? No.
Do we want it? Yeah.
This is the new sh!t,

Stand up and admit.

  1. Not a Marilyn Manson fan, but this reminds me of one of my fave songs by a group I do like – Old Shit / New Shit, by The Eels:

    Everyone loves you
    Nobody cares
    An awful collection
    Of enemies and friends
    Congratulations to you
    With sad regrets
    I’m tired of the old shit
    Let the new shit begin


    Check out “Blinking Lights and Other Revelations” by The Eels. Beautiful, beautiful stuff.

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