“A mathematically precise feeling of complete inadequacy.”

Sporadically Interwoven
by Miminus Infectant

Occasionally He had felt
deluded and cheated by misplaced
guilt, but lately he felt better, he
felt like he could stand up and
say that he was a worthy person –
that he deserved the good things
that a life in this modern country
could offer a moderately talented
man such as himself.

Then. Later.

He figured out the deserve has
nothing to do with it.
Everything was just a matter
of finding some stupid and
tottering piece of reality and
then holding on for dear life
and in the end,

nobody deserved a fate like

As brilliant as it is stupid.

What’s for dinner? Roots and gazelle.

The go-go bar on the edge of forever.

The first wipe breaks off the turd that can’t decide whether to come out or not.

Folding stool.

8200 people were hospitalized in 1996 for injuries that occurred while wiping their asses.

Real answers given in game of Tabloid Teasers…

Manager reveals that Frank Sinatra had ________
a symbiotic relationship with an unusual species of blue-green algae.

Skydiver _______
falls into open cockpit, flies to Las Vegas.

Woman rescues three-year-old from _______
cougar.  (That was the best)

“and after all,
this song has been sung,
still there ain’t no lifetime
metaphor for dung.” -Musical dream fragment

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