Why Capital Punishment Doesn’t Work

The reason capital punishment doesn’t work comes down to one salient point: capital criminals don’t have the ability to comprehend the consequences of their actions. This is either because their crimes are committed in such haste that they have no time to consider the consequences, or they are emotionally or intellectually unable to comprehend them.

As a rule, people who favor capital punishment want revenge.

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  1. Before I could agree on whether it “doesn’t work”, I’d need to know what it was supposed to do. If by “work” we mean it’s supposed to deter future criminals from committing the same crimes, then I completely agree.

    However, if by “work” we mean it keeps the same person from committing the crime again, then yes, capital punishment absolutely does work.

    “As a rule, people who favor capital punishment want revenge.”

    As you know, I can only speak for one person who favors it, and cannot speak for the motivations of others. When I was younger, I favored the death penalty because I didn’t know any better. Then I went through a period of time when I was against it because — as you say — it doesn’t work as a deterrent.

    But then I covered several cases where killers turned out to have been convicted of murder in the past and served a few years before being released to kill again. Capital punishment certainly would have “worked” to prevent them from killing again, had it been applied after their first convictions.

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