The Irony of the Sacred

Recently an internet acquaintance got agitated with me on a forum thread about Mormon sex. The thread dealt with some of the myths regarding Mormon customs and practices. The person who started the thread ended his entry with, P.S. Do you take your special underoos off when you get freaky? Or is their a special ‘hole’ in the front for marital relations?”

Well, after the thread had gone on about four pages, and the subject of “underoos,” which are actually called the Temple Garment, had been exhaustively explored, I poked around and found a picture of them on the internet, which I hotlinked to our discussion. Within minutes, I got a private message explaining that the Temple Garments were sacred, and could I please take the image down. I did, and apologized, not because I was sorry, but because I am a civilized and diplomatic person.

I’ve had quite a few Mormon friends, and more than once they have gotten offended at me in the same way, for relatively minor conversational maneuvers.

Like all religions, the Latter Day Saints have propped a lot of their beliefs on silly fiction. Symbols like the Temple Garment are just an artificial structure that keeps the people (sheeple) busy worrying about banal minutia instead of really examining the world around them, which will reveal the truth that there isn’t a magical being in heaven making it all better.

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