Band Names, Titles, and Poo References

This was previously a page, but here it is now as a post. M7 has decided to write “a series of blog posts with each of the Band Names, Titles, and Poo References as the title of an individual blog post.” As he does so, I will link each title to his entry.

Von Luger’s Butter
Chicken Nut Bean Bag
Potatoes and Axes
Sissy-Face vs Saint Francis the Sissy
Sarah Big and Gay
See-Through Sanity
Law & Order: Foot Fetish Unit
Palming the Mute
Mongoose Fungus and the Frappin’ Eightball
Air Gleek
Inherit the Gas Pain
Dale Dystrophy and the Mudslide
Dickfer What’sThat and the Topeewiths
Johnny Phlegm’s Secret Chowder
Super Anal Fudgeway
Clutch Bulge

Pink Pixy Tutu
Slow Sync Noodle
Chunky Epiphany
Chicken Oblongata
Jesus and the Gleaners
Captain Pessimist and the Anal Chasers
Mother Inferior
Pop Farts
Master Bates and the Six Inch Pianist
Notorious Dick Spray
Mamma’s Boy and the Pansies
-Soul Mate Ebonics
-Finger Food Phil and the Filth
-Jalopy Joe and the Poppy Seed Rolls
-Dick Licky and the Leather Tease
-Bernard Custard and the Stringy Desert
-Part Fart, Part Tart
-Pop Rocks and Onion Bagels
-Ebola Boner
-Bladder Mist
-Master Bates Tater Snack
-Puny Hairball and the Choke
-Gorilla Scouts
-Bacon-Wrapped Cheese-Its
-43 Oily Doughnuts
-Creamy Seepage and the Schmoo
-Straight Scoutmasters

-Fried Twinky Pie
-Fried Thigh Sorbet
-Corn Nuts and Aqua Velva
-Drop & Gimme 20
-Slapping Rilke
-Goo is My Co-Pilot
-Case of the Ass
-Tad Melmoth and the Dream Donkey
-Fanblade Finger Fun
-Instant Pudding Porn Crush
-Eastern Conus Sector
-Baloney Cone Stab Wound
-The Ox Peckers
-Diarrhea Diorama
-Acrid Flatulence in the Garden of Delights

-Log Cabin

-Betty’s Trimstinct
-Mi Ween es su Ween
-Corn Meal Blow Job
-Mafia Oxen
-Children of a Lesser Dune
-Cast Penisite, the Hardest Substance Known to Science
-Silly String Theory
-Aileron Snatch and the Electric Trim
-Stooger McBride
-Abby’s Rabbi Alibi
-Fool’s Glass
-The Crap Merchants
-Lap Organ
-Super Fist, Famous DJ
-Christ Worldwide Enterprises
-Nick Lick Toasteron and His Majestic Pinkbelly
-Hair Pie Cocktail
-Weenus Christian and the Chewables
-Pantslicker Paul and the Pinkish Discharge
-Tat Dat Tink Tang
-Lipton Coolot
-Engorgie Porgie

-Fudge Closet
-Puddle Thinker
-Hairy Garage
-Mandrake’s Pouch
-Are You Growing a Beard?
-Boning My Chicken
-Oxlong Penal Camp
-Lumpsin m’ Dookie
-Utopian Tubes
-Maggot Exodus
-The Trans-Ubiquitization of St. Jerome
-Gruel Tournament
-Cold Speculum
-Dr. Cowflesh
-Titan Loosenwankle
-Styrofoam Ore
-Man Saying Blackness
-Four Erections of the Apocalypse
-Urine, all too Urine

-Tenth Anniversary of the Eleventh Commandment
-Dante’s Lunch Box
-Smoked Jerky Ahead!
-Classic Endomorphic Bullwhip Fetish
-Barbed, for Her Pleasure
-Dick Pets the Mechanical Duck
-Mouse Eating Coconut! Red Alert!
-Tube Sock of the Argonauts
-Folding Stool
-Hubris Cube
-The Abdominal Snowmen
-Area 52
-The Big Phony
-Julio’s Tubule Fingers

-Fudge Packers Local 391
-Let Them Eat Kelp
-The Polyester Cutlass of Doom
-The Pope of Nebbish Village
-Escaped Sponge Theater
-Hick Hack and the Bray-Doyle Donkeys
-Uulean Fudge Pipes
-Stool Sample Amplifier Pamphlet
-Toodles Alford’s Poodle Auction
-Bongwater Bob’s Ant Farm
-Kermit the Cop’s Doctorphobic Slaphaven

-Bowl Brush Eddie’s Secret Fetish
-The Execution of Private Slovac’s Court Order Against His Ex-wife
-Full Metal Jerk It
-Ectopia Protagony
-Pus Management
-Effusive Sufis Rule the Roost
-Incisor Dogs
-Righteous Plate of Bacon
-Floating Potato
-Big Dick McGillicutty with special guest Accurate Meat
-Big Dick McGillicutty with special guest Climax Pudding
-Big Dick McGillicutty with special guest Nut Hustler
-Big Dick McGillicutty with special guest Heywood Jablowme
-Big Dick McGillicutty with special guest Ayn L. Raper
-Big Dick McGillicutty with special guest Ivanalick Uranus
-Big Dick McGillicutty with special guest Federal Breast Inspectors
-Big Dick McGillicutty with special guest Hugh Joe Penning

-Terrycloth Crocodile
-Agent of Nausea
-Oklahomo Sexuals
-Jesus Hid My Sandals
-Bulging Sack and the Urgent Need
-Oklahoma Tongue Police
-Dr. Forgotten
-Mengelé Porno Caper
-Pinky Finkelstein’s Tampon Collection
-Muton Bullion’s Twisted Pair
-Captain Squeegie’s Prenatal Garage
-Armageddon Sandwich
-Cheesecutters in Tibet
-Natalie Loves Corn
-Futon Torpedo
-Laboratory Retriever
-Organ Meat Grinder
-Fastest Typist in Texas
-Grunting Hamburger Salad
-Pee Bag Warning Light
-Hole Oinkment
-Serious Moles
-Manny Turdsman and the Fetishists
-Jealous Elephant Element
-Nihilistic Xylemophobes in Pants
-Sleeping in Fleas
-Bitter Wieners in Heavy Syrup

-Norton’s Fist Doctor
-Pubic Zirconia
-Ovary Salad
-The Power of Positive Shutting the F*ck Up
-Phony Ham Pouch
-Emesis Sissies
-Baloney Skin Mattress
-Sycophantic Fancy Psycho Planet
-Bulk Freakout
-The Fudgeplug Hillbillies
-Sleazy Tweezers and the Obvious Action
-Peacenick Nick’s Piecemeal Stickdick
-Snacktaster Jones and the Attitude
-Mr. Delicious and the Graceless Catastrophe
-Singalong Song Suckalong Dong
-Uncle Fluster’s Duck Clique
-Larry Biggs and the Beleaguered Big Leaguers
-The Pus Mops
-Brunch of the Apocalypse
-The Brady Brunch
-Fuckwich and Stew
-Basketnut Lunch
-Lance Boyle with special guest Diaper 6
-Johnny Speed Stick and the High Test Apparatus

-Regina Coody’s Placenta Deodorant
-Debbie Cumgallon’s Situation Comedy
-Spoogie Avenue Degreasing Facility
-Girl Juice
-Tuna Chin
-Dixie’s Proxy Byproduct
-Papa’s Sloppy Jalopy
-The Mucous Bugs
-Subcutaneous Sponge F*ck
-Dick Fudgener’s Polling Club
-The Buttplugva Ghita
-Flying Penis Module
-Dickie Morose and the Fecal Shepherds
-Manhood Panties
-Senseless Hotdog Escape Plan
-Mindy the Dojo Ho
-Manifesto of Stupidity
-Shaped Charge Warhead
-Central Dense Overcast
-Personal Cow
-Humiliating Doug Flutie

-Control Rods
-The All-cotton Negro
-Corpus Stalactite
-Das Genitalia
-Salad Barflies
-Technical Hard-on
-Head-on Turd Truck
-Big Bob and the Giant Tuna Load
-Mechanical Erection
-Corn Squeezins
-Et Tu Bluto
-Tirade Ordinance
-Pubis Ordeal
-Penicillin Piggyback

-Captain Spoogie and the Frostings
-The Godbags
-Suction, STAT!
-Prison Enema
-Incendiary Condom Dispenser
-Alfalfa County Crack Whore
-Hick Hack and the Bray-Doyle Donkeys
-Poop on Nose Wipe
-Stinkwell Laboratories
-Voodoo Facelift
-Flowbee Your Cootie?
-Loaf-effect Snake
-Porcupine Apocalypse
-Towel Balancing for Rods Bowels
-The Pleasant Blouse
-Marinated Monksweat

-Mow the Dookie
-Dr. Pariah
-Fake Fur Fellatio
-Doyle Düstjacket and the Permafrost Bikini
-Zyklon B and the Chipper-Shredders
-Congealed Eel Pie
-Homogenized Girlfriend Salad
-Manbreast Lobotomy
-The Flummox
-Creamy Joe and the Eskimo Pies
-Amy Torpedo and the Bite Marks
-Daft Cooters
-3.8 billion years of ennui
-Duck My Sick
-Brutish Odors
-Uncle Clyde and the Fluff Girls
-It’s the Fart that Counts
-Two Dicks Ferguson
-Lava Twat Chung

-Rectilinear Smile
-Any Excuse for Trephination
-Unsolicited Enemas
-Jactitations of the Saints
-Circulator of Funk
-Cluster F*ck Event Horizon
-Scatalog Parking Pass
-Wet Beaver Handshake
-Codfish Penis Patch
-Midge Magnets
-Steak Tartary
-The Breaded Argonauts
-Disagreeable Bowel Syndrome
-The Dookieloaf Avengers
-The Edward O. Silence Technology Pot
-Coprolalial Squint Lozenge
-Almighty Gopher Lozenges
-Anthony A-Wipe and the Decision
-Wetman Pantsall and the Secret Garment
-Desmond Panywaste and the Infected Undergarment
-Hans Oinkman and the Pressure
-Crackflapper Bob and the Ointment
-Kirby Dickwash and the Albatross
-Lord Penix and the Avalanche
-Enteric Coated Bacon
-Roughing Up the Amish
-Tired Nuggets and the Juicy Bottom Project
-J. Y. Kelley with special guest The Ouch Factor
-Wigwam Toilet Police
-The Buttered Bacon Boys
-Elmendorf Biomass


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    2) Fuck moderation.

    3) I will produce a series of blog posts with each of the Band Names, Titles, and Poo References as the title of an individual blog post. (Fuck moderation.)

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