Welcoming Back My Hunger

One way I know I am myself is that I have a fairly high energy level combined with a good appetite. Those have both been missing for ten days since I caught a rather nasty head cold. I’ve been uncharacteristically malaisy, a combination of the disease and the meds I took for it. Nothing smelled good. Nothing tasted good. I couldn’t hear very well.

Then today, lunch sounded good. Abby gave me a Subway gift card (which she got from her work’s healthy eating program), so I had my usual veggie patty sub. It was great. I bounced around town, once again excited to be taking pictures. I shot well.

Then by four o’clock, I was hungry again, and got a veggie burger from Burger King!

Finally, and I can’t stress this point enough, I got over this illness without a doctor visit or antibiotics.

The Muh is giant again.

The sun sets behind our house this afternoon. It was sunny and warm all day.
The sun sets behind our house this afternoon. It was sunny and warm all day.


  1. Glad to have you back among the healthy*. :-)

    (* I use the term loosely for most of us.)

    For most of my life, I stay hungry when sick, often even more so, though my tastes will often change and I’ll crave things I normally don’t eat. Fortunately, I haven’t been sick in a couple of years (fingers-crossed, knock on wood).

  2. Glad for you to be back, RB. And that is a magnificent shot, by the way. Nice to hear it has warmed back up out there, too.

  3. I will now retract what I said in my previous comment. I was very sick yesterday, and did not eat a single thing. I’m a tad better this morning, but still reeling.

    Carry on.

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