Resonator City

Powdered toast man vs Q.

Roger Cocteau vs Reginald Fuqeustique.

“Chopin’s Dirge for Hermaphroditic Venezuelan Orphans.” -D

Handsome reusable spitwad.

Flock of Butts vs Bagworm City.

“Give him two coat hang wires and he’ll give you a Kaiser roll stamp.”

“With the new minimum wage, my dick actually makes more money than I do now.” -D

“Chocolate is a green vegetable.” -M

Don’t uphold this culture any more.
Are you a consumer?
Did you buy something today?
How deeply did it scar your soul?
How can you ever recover?
Might as well weep!

“A shiny product
in the aisle. bright. glittering.
sledgehammer descends.” -D

PUNK backwards is KNUP.

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