The Predictable Rage

There was another mass shooting this weekend, at a theater in Colorado. It is now being accompanied by the usual mass hysteria. If I may…

[stextbox id=”info”]One of the first places many turned to for information on Friday about the suspected movie-theater shooter James Holmes was Facebook, and a kind of lynch mob mentality took hold among some who wanted to track down the shooting suspect themselves. With many Facebook users sharing the same first and last name — nearly 200 appear in a simple Facebook search —  some became victims of nasty messages and friend requests.[/stextbox]

Most people live with their heads buried so far in the sand that mass shootings like this force them, for a short time, to look around, and when they see something horrible, it lowers their already marginal IQs.

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Mark Matkin says: the main problem is if they do give him the death penalty what if it makes him a matter [sic]

Kyle Folbrecht says: Normally I really don’t support the death penalty, but in this case I hope to see the state of Colorado expedite the trial and the jury to recommend nothing but death death and more death for this sicko!

Katie Scarlett Mefford says: I didn’t know any of the victims but I hope they rest in peace. This guy deserves to rot in hell.

Aprille Marie: says: I think Death Penalty is to NICE!!

Rebeccah Anderson says: My dad told me when he was in Saudi Arabia, people straight up sell gold in the streets. Nobody messes with those vendors for fear of getting their hands chopped off. He said that could never happen in our country, in cities like NYC, etc. because there are no punishments like that. We are so quick to protect the rights of everyone because we believe everyone should be equal…but we’re not. There are good people and bad people. Our legal system is too lenient.


Of course, since you don’t “normally” support the death penalty, I imagine that mean you support it only when you’re really mad.

While a portion of the comments on Facebook included prayers and well-wishes for the victims, the majority, of course, were enraged, vindictive, vitriolic, vicious, animalistic. There is a deep well of rage inside all of these people, a reservoir of hate and bigotry and violence just like the one in the perpetrator. When events like this take place, these people can’t wait to clamor for a horrible end to the perpetrator, even when they know nothing except a few sentences the media has fed them. And they are so eager to light the torches and storm the castle they often don’t even know who the real perpetrator is.

“An Eye for an Eye” is my favorite paradigm.

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“They should put him in a room and let the relatives of his victims stone him to death!” wrote one. “Death penalty could take years and he doesn’t deserve to breathe one more minute!”

“This Holmes guy should get the same treatment as everyone In that theatre! Only worse,” posted another.

“I know everyone is entitled to due process, but, this is a NO BRAINER … why waste taxpayers money!” said another Facebook user.


Everyone is entitled to due process unless the suspect is guilty on television or on Facebook. Then we can do pretty much anything we please. Due process is for whom? For the weak? The innocent? No, wait. Due process is for you.

Bright pennies these are not.

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Tim Lopata says: Anyone else think we should instate a torture penalty?

…and was greeting with this chorus…

Shawn Geed without a doubt

Michael DeCormier i was just talking about that with my friend actually… And yes i do

John Odenwald well if i might add , yes it is crazy for some1 to do this horrible thing ,he set it up for a ripe time where numurous people would be there and he did go thru with it so my statement is he is not insane and i think that if they did bring public executions back for real and let people see exactly what will happen to them i think most would think twice, hang him high colorado


Then there was one guy who stepped up and tried to be the voice of reason:

[stextbox id=”grey”]Anthony Alarcon said: All this talk of public execution, torture and stoning to death just goes to show you how backwards humanity (Americans in particular) is. Doing so would make you a murderer, no better than he is.[/stextbox]

You should click through to his page and read the phalanx of angry, bitter comments that followed.

I could copy and paste all night but I don’t need to. Just surfing around for comments about this will adjudicate my opinion, that people are mostly petty, cruel and small, and have no real idea how to run a state or a nation. Bring back public executions. Torture penalty. Cut off his hands. Stone him. Death death and more death.

They really believe these things.