A Trip to Disneyland

-Creaming the Spicetick
-Amping the Tock Hole
-Burn the Asstrickster
-Pearl the Olive Loaf

Kafka’s churlish tart
Shimmying across the stage
Existantial butt

Trunculant Spank

by Josephus of Ubiquitor

—>  <—This represents an arrow
direction is narrowly defined
which way to the sylvan glen?

“All men are proud of their farts.” -AK…

-The Pope
-Ointment Man
-Ronald Reagan

Addiction is desire outside of reason.

I am freeze-dried powdered frozen renaissance man, and there’s no stopping me!

“It’s fabulous! It’s effective!” -Bottle of Cleaner

Amathophobia = Fear if Dust

Tall enough to be another man’s dick.

Beaver Stadium

40% of the world’s people have no access to electricity.
41% of the world’s people have no access to flatulence.

“Why the f*ck would Aliens be interested in Mexico?”
“Cheap labor.”

He is truly the Quisinart Headrush.
He is truly the Hiccup Cadillac.
He is truly the Cadillac Satellite.

Those nurd repellant cough drops you gave me aren’t working.


“Disney is really, really evil.” -Someone