Jumping the Shark has Jumped the Shark

According to sources very close to the Giant Muh, the phrase “jump the shark” has, itself, jumped the shark, and should henceforth be replaced by “lleap the llama.” To the best of our knowledge here at Giant Muh, the Fonz never leapt a llama, alpaca, camel, vicuña, guanaco, or any other tylopod, but since llamas are cute, and make excellent pets, this phrase will be adopted, until it becomes annoying, probably sometime next week.

  1. That’s funny. I twinged ever so slightly when I read “Jumped the Shark” in your previous blog, but I dismissed my little twinge and told myself that It’s still okay to say “jumped the shark.” I now know that I should have listened to my inner twinge becauge twinges do not lie. God Bless your courageous source for stepping forward and saving you from drowning in a sea of dated catch phrases. It’s all good, Richard. It’s all good. You’re still the bomb!

  2. Uh, dude, nobody says “the bomb” any more. Unless you were being ironic? Were you being ironic?

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