Spocky McSpockerson


I have a flying feeling
a turn
a phrase
a constant, unsettling sense
of rolling, as if I
have done something
terribly wrong with
my stick.
Inside a spiral,
a fat man awaits
he strokes a cat,
yet it does not purr
it simply glares at me as if
I had created the dog.
Clearly, we have a problem.
there is a stench.
we all suffer from it.
Whiskers stir
fat rolls shift
control surfaces flick back and forth
f*cking dander again
“The first step into reality is to keep running.” -M’s Journal, 1983
Poke my phleb!

“The pages got a bit wet, as they were excited. They didn’t squirt, though. So I guess we won’t be putting them into a porn flick.” -D

“I think when I get older I’ll scream the word ‘lick’ a lot. By then, I’ll be completely miffed out.” -D

“These are very stupid cookies.”  “These cookies are noisy!” -D

How D counts…
“Uhooo.” (one)
“Uhoouu.” (two)
“Poop frau!” (three)

Conundrum of the Flatulons
by Minimus 7

The Written Word
The Fart

The Naked Butt of Doctor 13
Jasmine Schitt
and Olive Loeph as Cream Teabag

“You slobbered on my finger! There’s no slobber on your fritter!” -Someone

Mouse eating coconut! Red alert!
“It’s just like a toothless exercise in futility!” -B

“He’s a weatherman’s weatherman.” -B

Welcome to Bikini Traffic School.