Target Acquisition Day

Canned goods repurposed as targets: does it get any better?
Canned goods repurposed as targets: does it get any better?

Inexplicably, I decided to have a productive day off. Abby mentioned yesterday that she wanted to clean out the pantry, but between packing up the last of the Christmas items and placing their bins in the loft over the garage, and watching Shane followed by Pale Rider (since it is heavily derivative of Shane), it got back-burnered. I have no idea what inspired me, but I spent much of the afternoon on it today.

Although it seems wrong to throw away food, it seems equally wrong (and possibly dangerous) to give away expired canned goods, so in our house they get repurposed as shooting targets. I can’t wait to see what happens when I shoot some of these.

In the midst yesterday, Sierra the Chihuahua got spooked by something – we don’t know what – and has been extra clingy and moody since. It’s funny that something presumably minor freaked her out when just three days ago Max the Chihuahua got into a box of chocolate covered cherries, which as you might know is bad for dogs, and proceeded to blarf the whole thing on the carpet right in front of me. Yet today, he tried to sneak off with another piece of chocolate.

I’m supposed to meet Abby for dinner and a movie tonight.

Journal, June 6, 2003
Looking at her tonight, I thought to myself that I might one day make her my wife.
What is it, Sierra? Feeling puny?
What is it, Sierra? Feeling puny?


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