Finally, Some Real News

The United States is fighting two wars. The global economy is in tatters after three years of recession. The environment is endangered by humanity’s arrogance and short-sightedness. Drought cripples the south. Floods cripple the north. Unstoppable diseases kill millions.

But what is in my Facebook news feed?

XXX is at Krispy Creme.

XXX made kitty litter cake.

XXX is so glad it’s Friday.

I swear to cow, I am about five more shallow, vacuous posts away from deleting that damn account.

Oh, and I also learned from Facebook that today is Cow Appreciation Day. I better get word to the 41,000 children who will starve to death today.

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  1. Stay on Facebook. I see you already deleted your fan page. Why don’t you just clean up your friends list??? I don’t have a lot of friends who post the mindless updates. (other than a few family members, that is). Where do you meet these people?????

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