Long in the Teeth

Nicole using the shredder, wearing Mom's "Ask me about my granddog" shirt.
Nicole using the shredder, wearing Mom's "Ask me about my granddog" shirt.

My sister Nicole and I are in Florida, tending to the details of our mother’s estate. One of our tasks is shredding the thousands, or maybe hundreds of thousands, of documents of Mom and Dad’s. They kept it all, and it all has key account and ID numbers on it. We have decided that in our personal lives, from now on when we get a bank statement, an old bank statement at the other end of the file comes out and gets shredded right then. Mom’s tiny office shredder has needed to be MacGyvered with a paperclip, and requires rest periods when it gets too hot, but otherwise has performed admirably. We have named her “Tenacious S”. I am using the shreds as packing material for items I am shipping home.

Since the cable TV is disconnected here (not that we are hugely into TV), we have been listening to internet radio through Nicole’s Sprint wireless card, and are enjoying reminiscing about hits from the 70s and 80s. Nicole pointed out that with the exception of The Carpenters, Mom and Dad didn’t listen to any popular music at all, and Nicole wondered how we got so much exposure to it. I pointed out that in junior high, I actually listened to Dad’s favorite easy listening station, the long-defunct (and now in California) KNTO in Wichita Falls, Texas. Yet, to this day, I listen to what I think is pretty cool music.

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