Late-August Song

Rose of Sharon
Rose of Sharon

Last night I went out to the garden to possibly pick something to eat. There were about eight big tomatoes, and four bell peppers. The cantaloupe isn’t making fruit right now, and the watermelon is currently making two kinds of fruit: regular melons, and something that may be the result of cross-pollination with the cucumbers.

It’s been cool all week, but I haven’t had the chance to enjoy it – too busy at the office. But last night I bent over to pull up some grass from around the tomatoes, and ended up staying there 40 minutes. Then I decided to fertilize, followed by a comical struggle to get the soaker hoses to work. I ended up as soaked as the garden.

All the while, the evening got darker. The sky was perfectly clear, and the cool air was perfectly still. The goats looked on with great amusement, so occasionally I threw them a big weed or a cherry tomato.

This summer has slipped by. It’s almost September.

“Her violet sky
Will need to cry
‘Cause if it doesn’t rain
Then everything will die
She needs to heal
She needs to feel
Something more than tender
Come September…”
-Natalie Imbruglia