Another Pointlessly Complicated Dream

I won’t bore you with the insanely detailed minutia of my dream last night, but I will bore you with the high points:

  • Charlie Sheen escaped in a Piper Navajo (the airplane).
  • Michael Douglas and I decided to find him in his Gulfstream (the airplane).
  • To take off, we flew clockwise circles in the grass. Once airborne we saw a giant new Boeing taking off.
  • We flew at multi-mach speeds at very low altitudes looking for Charlie’s Navajo. There were very many small planes at our altitude.
  • Ended up thinking we were in Canada. We flew along the street until I saw a sign that said Casa Ciudad, and realized we were in Mexico.
  • Waiting in line to cross back into the U. S., I realized I was in my pajamas, and didn’t have my passport.
  • I told the gate agent, “Excusa, Señor. Uh. Can I talk to you about this?”
  • Charlie Sheen burst into tears, screaming, “Daddy, daddy!”

There, just the high points.