Sometimes I can't even look at myself in the mirror.
Sometimes I can't even look at myself in the mirror.

If you want the world to tolerate you, your beliefs, your behaviors, your causes, and your words, you, very simply, have to tolerate everyone else (unless they are breaking the law). No matter how much their words and beliefs hurt you, you have to let them hate you. Why? Because it’s not your world. It’s everyone’s world. You think you’re right, and they think they’re right, and the truth, quite honestly, will never be served by brow-beating your ideas into those you oppose.

Or consider this: do you think you’re the only one whose beliefs are worth tolerating? I know: of course you do. Please stop reading this and go read someone’s blog with which you totally agree.


  1. Nicole: the “law” part bugs me too. :-)

    I will tolerate everyone else, unless they’re causing harm to someone.

    Oh, and I won’t tolerate anyone who’s an asshole. Which reminds me, I also won’t tolerate people who text while driving or talk on their phones in the checkout line.

    In other words, I can tolerate just about ANY belief, opinion, religion, etc. It’s *actions* that are difficult to tolerate.

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