The Re-Amazing Abby!

Tranquil Eyes
Tranquil Eyes

My wife Abby amazes me every day, but this morning it was special. Last week her optometrist gave her some contact lenses made of a new material, but it appears that Abby may be allergic to it. As a result, she is sitting in the dark, wearing her Tranquil Eyes pads, trying to soothe her eyes. As she sat in her recliner, she wrote a short story in her mind, one about a young couple in the late 1800’s who had nothing, and who are befriended and helped by a man (based loosely on Frank Lloyd Wright). As I write this, she is dictating it into a tape recorder. She’s already had to stop twice while she got choked with emotion.

She amazes me.

  1. I really enjoyed your wedding page. It looked like a great day and it appeared that everyone had a great time. Now I have a question. Is it optimolgist or opthomologist? Or is there a such thing as both of them? I once had a stepfather who was an optometrist, but he is no longer living, therefore I can’t ask him.

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