Bus in the Strangers

Everyone just shut up for a minute! I’m trying to think!

Dream: I am at a large bus station in Dallas, Texas. I stab someone in the back. The rest of the dream, which is long and complex, involves my efforts to hide the body “Weekend at Bernie’s” style.

Other dream: I am at a bus stop, where I am mad at a co-worker because she became a lawyer and blocked our efforts to use Wikipedia to find out info on a story of a woman on trial for murder. Her name was Sevas, and I resorted to sneaking up behind her car to spy on her cell phone conversations. As she talks, she becomes actor George Eads. Finally I am back at the bus stop, using a device that looks like a Kindle but only accesses Wikipedia. I think this is pretty cool until I remember I can access Wikipedia on my iPad.

Abby’s Razor: like Occam’s Razor, except it postulates that the cutest solution is usually the correct one.

French women used opium to relieve the ennui of life.

iPhone autocorrect funny: I typed, “Have a good day,” but autocorrect changed it to, “F*ck all a y’all motherf*ckers.”

It’s only 1/6,856,810,080th about you.

“Look at ’em, ordinary f—ing people, I hate ’em. The life of a repo man is always intense. A repo man spends his life getting into tense situations.” -Several lines from Repo Man

No one lived in Texas at all until Johnny Airconditionerseed’s trek across America.

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