Have We Any Footballists?

Retired NFL great Fran Tarkenton
Retired NFL great Fran Tarkenton

I don’t know if any of my readers are NFL fans. I don’t watch much professional football these days, mostly because I see so much sports in my daily work life. But when I was growing up, dad had the TV set to CBS Sports most Sundays, and sometimes we saw the Minnesota Vikings play, and that meant watching quarterback Fran Tarkenton play. He was one of the greats of the era, holding most of the significant passing records of the time when he retired. After his sports greatness, he became a professional entrepreneur, and that included making investments in Ada’s own Pre-Paid Legal Services, where Abby now works.

Fran comes to Ada sometimes, and it’s cool to see him and talk to him. He was in town today to speak at the college, and I thought maybe some of my readers might like to hear where he is today, and see how he looks.

  1. I too have fond memories of watching Fran Tarkenton — mostly on old video replays, LOL. He was a hero when I was a kid. “The Scrambler.”

    I had no idea he had ties to Ada. Cool.

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