A Covering of Pure Epidermis

The Frizboid Integument: it takes the umbilicus of 4000 ferrets to make one ounce of “real” polenta.

Hummus on pita, off you better beat-a.

“It’s a doomsday machine with a joyful twist.”

Bag of Bags
Sack of Sacks
King of Kings

Poodle con Carne
Gato con Queso

“Twat like a dyke?” -Misheard
“Nut shiny pants.” -Misheard

“When God was handing out holidays, Buddhists thought he said ‘Go take a dump,’ so they weren’t even in line.” -D

-Assal Horizontology
-Pagile Blanketty
-Spam Cloister

This year I’m using the 1040 Moist form.

Hyperphonial coprophiliac: do I actually eat with that mouth?

I am ointment man, and I spank my trunkula hourly! Minutely on weekends!

“I’m so ‘I don’t know’ I don’t know anything any more.” -K

Sexless food tubes.

Hey, it’s the tenth anniversary of the eleventh commandment!

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