House Full of Riches

I don’t know how many of my fans are also Duncan Sheik fans, but I like his music, particularly his earlier stuff. One song of his that resonated particularly sadly for me is House Full of Riches, which is quite melancholy, and also serves as a warning to anyone inclined to take the good things in life for granted.

Abby and the Chihuahuas relax on a Saturday afternoon.
Abby and the Chihuahuas relax on a Saturday afternoon.

“I had a love of such beauty
I just can’t describe
I threw it all away
I could not tell you why

“But I remember her laughing
Drenched in summer sun
I’m not a worthy man
But I could have been one…”

When I listen to it, it reinforces my notion that no possession, and no other person, is as valuable to me as my wife Abby. I don’t ever want to sing this song about her.

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  1. Maybe it’s a feature of Google Reader, but when I viewed this entry there, there was a media player beneath your text, preloaded with the song House Full of Riches, but I don’t see that player here on the blog…

    And I’m taking your opening paragraph as if it were a survey question: I’m not a Duncan Sheik fan, mainly because I hadn’t heard of him until reading this entry. After hearing the song, I can’t say I was won over.

    The lyrics you quoted above are beautiful and poetic, and stand alone. As a song, well… not my style. ;-)

    Every few days, something reminds me not to take things for granted in my now-wonderful life.

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