A Few Good Ideas about War…

Let me make a few things clear…

  • I do not believe that the war in Iraq addresses terrorism.
  • I do not believe that the war in Iraq can be won.
  • I was against the war in Iraq since the day it began.
  • I believe it is a very serious mistake for America to assume that nations in other parts of the world want American-style democracy, and it is a mistake for America to act on that assumption.
  • I do not believe that George W. Bush is an intelligent man, nor do I believe he had America’s interests at heart, and I am absolutely certain he does not represent me or my beliefs. I am more optimistic that Barack Obama is an intelligent man, although I am more cynical about his ability to act with that intellect.

2000 Presidential Election Results:

  1. Al Gore: 51,003,926 votes
  2. George Bush: 50,460,110 votes
  3. Bush wins! Somehow!

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