The Fox and the Shark

This morning Abby and I slept in, and as the morning went by, I found myself dreaming rather extensively about Jorja Fox, the actress who played Sarah Sidle on CBS’s CSI for seven seasons. Abby was disappointed to see the actress and the character leave the show, and with the departure of two additional core characters (Gil Grissom and Warrick Brown [presumably]), she and I believe the show may have jumped the shark.

Jorja Fox's PETA poster
Jorja Fox’s PETA poster

Anyway, in the dream I am apparently on the CSI team along with Sarah, and we have gone underground, literally, intending to blow up a casino. She reassures me, however, that it’s okay, since we own it. She prepares her explosives, which are created by mixing a critical mass of dog food in seven large dog food bowls in the stairs to the basement we are using as shelter (this may have been a result of my reading on Wikipedia about a criticality accident that occurred in 1945). She tells us that when she puts on the last handful of dog food, we need to run as fast as we can down the underground hall.

After the detonation, Sarah Sidle has apparently strained her back, so she is held flat to a wall by a vacuum pump to keep her spine straight.

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