More Less Plus Less More = More Ons

From Facebook:

Howard XXX: lol. what happens when the right whines too much.

(Picture of Barack Obama’s birth certificate)

Alyssa XXX: Certificate of live birth is different than a birth certificate.

Richard R. Barron: ?>>”Certificate of live birth is different than a birth certificate.”<< I don’t understand statements like that. My birth certificate says, “Standard Certificate of Live Birth” at the top. It is the only birth certificate I was ever issued.

What I should have said: Barack Obama was elected President and there’s nothing you can do about it, you whiney, right-wing crybaby.

Also, I found the cure for diabetes, and it’s so obviously simple that I might oughta win some kind of award…

Eat less, do more.


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  1. what’s fantastic is that every time a fact kicks the willfully ignorant in the ass, they keep stumbling in front of the feet of more facts. you have to learn to appreciate the kick before you can escape the cycle.

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