Our Mildonting Machine

Dirty siding with a clean streak from power washing
Dirty siding with a clean streak from power washing

My global fans might remember that last year I power washed the front of our house and the propane pig. It was very effective, and I fully intended to do the whole house, but it got cold, then rainy, then winter came, then summer came, and before I knew it, a year had gone by. But in the back of my mind, I always intended to complete this rather arduous, time-consuming and shirt drenching task. In the last few days, I managed to get much of that done, and wow!

Today I power washed the filthiest part of the house, the north-facing area of the back yard. It collects mildew like you wouldn’t believe, since it receives no sunshine, and the wind is blocked by the garage. It was so dirty with greenish-black mildew, in fact, that using the power washer was a little like spray painting! It is so effective at removing mildew that as I used it I decided it was a mildonting machine. Get it? I know – it’s a stretch, but hey, spraying water on the side of a house isn’t at the top of human academic or artistic stimulus.

Abby was relatively indifferent to this activity until I showed her a picture of my work, and she proclaimed, “Wow.” The goats, however, were quite curious. I was, after all, the only people in their yard all day, and I must have looked pretty funny standing on my yellow ladder, occasionally squirting myself with filthy backsplash, and having to clean my sunglasses before I could continue.

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  1. Arduous, time-consuming and shirt drenching?? Now I’m a little scared. Billy agreed to scrub a guys siding without the pressure washer because the guy preferred it done that way. He’s gonna use a brush and a hose. I mean I know Billy can get the job done, but if those are the kind of adjectives used to describe the job with a pressure washer what kind are we gonna have to use to decribe the job with a brush and a hose?! And it’s a large two story house!! Yep, I’m skeered now!!!! The before and after is very impressive, btw.

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