Gluttonous Ruminants

The process of culling the garden and throwing it to my ruminants continues.

I find the experience a little sad as I stand in the chill air, remembering the huge harvests; the bushy green tomato vines that smelled so good, the giant stands of bright marigolds, the crisp bell peppers that turned orange and red and yellow, the cucumbers that hid under their leaves until I searched for them.

The goats are thicker now, and their hair is thick and soft for winter. When I come into the back yard, they come running, and if I stand still, they push their bodies against my legs, saying hello.

Tonight I was pulling up mostly tomato vines, and on them were lots of shriveled green tomatoes. Coal is particularly fond of them, but Buxton likes them too. Here is an image of these two “sharing” (read: fighting over) a juicy one.

Coal and Buxton devour a tomato vine
Coal and Buxton devour a tomato vine.

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