Just a Straight Frackin’ Answer Please

Pet peeve: people who assume I mean something else.

Example: I say, “Type richardbarron.net in the URL window.” They answer, “Do you mean richardbarron.com?”

This is a good reason to just outright hate people. It’s not that the individual person who answered is all that contemptible, so much as the fact that people in general are so lax and imprecise with their communication skills that clear, direct statements are ignored or distorted all the time.

The next time someone asks me, “Do you mean…”, I’m going to tell them, “I said what I meant, dickwad!”

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  1. When I read the title, I assumed you’d be referencing a political interview… I must have watched too much political news in the past week.

    Reporter: What’s your candidate’s specific plan on immigration?
    Campaign Adviser: Listen, immigrants built this country. There is certainly room for improvement in the current administration’s policy and we plan to implement this immediately.
    Reporter: How does that in any way answer the question I asked?

    But yes, it gets tiring when I consistently say what I mean and take extra care to use simple/accurate language, yet folks continue to assume I mean something else.

    It’s almost as irritating as people asking questions to which the answer is obvious:

    Me: (changing tire along side of the road)
    Passerby: Have a flat tire?
    Me: No. What makes you say that?
    Passerby: (raises middle finger)

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