Finally Enough Lava

The green metallic motion lamp of Abby's dreams
The green metallic motion lamp of Abby’s dreams

As my readers know, I got Abby a lava lamp as one of her “smaller” birthday gifts (the larger being a heated, massaging recliner that is back-ordered, pun intended.) There were several bonus items associated with this gift…

  1. Unlike the lava lamps in the time of Pink Floyd (when I was a kid), this one has green metallic lava, and green is decidedly Abby’s favorite color
  2. Abby and I were both fascinated by watching lava lamps when we were kids. My grandparents had one, and by the time I was 11 or 12, it was one of the main reasons I looked forward to visiting them.
  3. Abby needed a night-light in her dressing room.

When we first plugged it in and turned it one, we expected to wait about two hours for it to achieve full lav, but even after the entire evening, nothing much was happening. In fact, it wasn’t until the next day that its viscously mesmeric motion bloomed. But now it is going well, and on our way to bed tonight, we both stopped in our tracks and watched it, commenting on which blob was going to collide, which bubble was going to reabsorb, which sphere would boil up next. We laughed out loud watching it, making splashy sound effects to accompany this squishy ballet.

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