Trekker v Trekkie v Ubernurd

Okay, some important points:

  1. Kirk got all the space booty, despite stunt doubles who didn’t look much like him.
  2. Star Trek was stuck in a weird “everything-has-to-be-right-side-up” thing that Star Wars seemed to defy
  3. Party tonight at Gene Roddenberry’s ghost’s house!
  4. My all-time favorite episode of any sci-fi show ever was the Star Trek in which Seven of Nine is kidnapped by the occupants of planet Fetish Prime and forced to try on hundreds of pairs of high heels (seldom aired.)
  5. Is it me, or does Kirk look kinda, I don’t know, puffy?
  6. To this day I have no red shirts in my wardrobe because I worry if I wear one I will be “expendable.”
  7. Star Trek: Enterprise boasts the sh!ttiest theme song in TV history.
  8. Yeoman Rand: is that her hair, or a picnic basket?
  9. I will defeat any and all comers at a game of “name that Trek” (original series.) I can usually tell you the name of the episode base on the first few words in the prologue.
  10. Finally, in the Kirk v Picard debate, I have to vote for Christoper Pike. Anyone who can order a star ship to a forbidden planet using “one beep” or “two beeps” has to be the ultimate captain.