“I am duck, hear me quack, from my frontside to my crack!”

“The squishy parts are usually ticklish.” -T

-Burlap Enema
-Satan Scientist
-Inflatable Codpiece
-Dong Music
-Her dream of talking to the governor while pooping
-“Okay, I cut it!” -D
-Sexual, but not scatological
-“A poop talker.” -T
-Abdominal Snowman
-“Butter my butt.” -T
-Bagels go straight to your breasts
-“I should aim THIS at the anus!” -T
-Eyebrow Soup
-Toilet Paste
-Hand/Fetus Coordination

R’s first book: “Shut the F*ck Up!”
R’s second book: “Duøst Jacket”

At Worldwide Butt, we care.

Hot dog tea: the water left after boiling frankfurters.

Percentage of Americans who think Joan of Arc was Noah’s wife: 12.

If I blow your mind, will you promise not to think in my mouth?

Varicose veins vs bellicose beans.

“What kind of guy is he? Is he straightened out, or is he a butt-head, or what?” -K

“Big Dick McKillabunny!” -N

There is very little in the English language that is not improved by the words “weenie” or “weener.”
-Oklahoma’s Weener Channel
-The Ada Weenie News
-At the Weenie National Bank, sure we’ll f*ck you up the ass, but at least we’ll give you a reach-around.
-40cc of Weenerzine, STAT!
-“Scotty, reroute auxiliary power to the weener machine!”

Avoid whistle-nose!

Et tu, Bluto. Tee hee, Brutus.

Yankee Stadium is shaped exactly like a hospital bedpan.

Corn squeezins.

Dedication of R’s first book:
“Dedicate this, you stinking pus bag!”

Real place: Harden City

“If I were happy, I would be making casseroles.” -K

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