Church Wedding

The garden is in mid-summer mode, yielding lots of peppers and tomatoes, but fewer cucumbers, which don’t tolerate the heat as well. I had planted a patch of cantaloupe, but only one of the seedlings survived, since I was busy taking care of Abby when they were sprouting. The plant that survived ended up sending out numerous vines, and there are now maturing fruit on them. I had wondered how to tell if they were getting ripe, but it turns out that they simple fall off the vine when they’re ready to be eaten. I had this one for breakfast this morning, and they are nothing short of succulent.

A ripe cantaloupe from my garden
A ripe cantaloupe from my garden

Quiz time: why is this post titled “Church Wedding?”

  1. Gosh I don’t know. Is it because of the Can’t Elope topic????? Tell me!!!! I want the answer!!!

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