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Coal the pygmy wether, a great pet; he will be missed.
Coal the pygmy wether, a great pet; he will be missed.

I am saddened to report tonight that Coal, the black goat who lived in our back yard with his half-brother Buxton, died today. He’d been off his feed for a few days, but I had no idea he was that sick. Our goat-owning friend Melissa Rollins says that her large animal doctor told her that six or seven years is about how long one might expect a goat to live, and Coal was about to turn seven, so maybe he was just old. Regardless, he was well-cared-for and enjoyed what a goat might consider a luxurious life. He was a great pet, and we will miss him very much.


  1. I’m sorry for the loss of your family member. I’ve enjoyed the photos of your goats over the years–they seemed to have a lot of personality that I didn’t expect from a goat.

  2. So very sorry to hear this… Coal was a super cool goat and I know how much he means to you. He looked like he was enjoying life to the fullest and on top of the world of goats when we visited. My heart goes out to you my friend… Coal was one of the best goats I have ever met and seeing you together showed me why they mean so much to you. I hope Buxton takes the loss OK…

  3. This makes me so sad, even though I know it’s the way of all flesh. I wish there were something I could do, especially for Buxton.

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