How Should I Feel?

Reading a news story today about the approach of this season’s first major hurricane, Irene, I read the following line:

“Should people up the East Coast be worried?”

Um, should I be worried?
Um, should I be worried?

Journalism, ladies and gentlemen, is in the toilet.

Should people be worried? Really? When did the journalistic community is this country decide to tell people who to feel?

On an even more basic level, should you be worried? The problem, of course, is the word “worried,” which no one should ever feel, and which no institution should tell you to feel. Even the questions, “Should you be concerned?” or “Should you be prepared?” are somewhat presumptuous, since of course you should be concerned, and of course you should be prepared. Fortunately, all is not lost, since the article goes on the give us some tips on how to prepare for a hurricane, although these items are a little patronizing, such as fueling your car and having non-perishable food and batteries on hand. Duh.

Better headline: “With air still in the atmosphere, should people continue to breathe?”

Please tell us, national media. We are sheep.


  1. I hate it when the TV weatherperson says crap like: “Get your umbrellas dusted off, folks; it’s gonna rain!”

    Or, “Be sure to drink plenty of water with temperatures this high.”

    Really? After all these years of living, you’d think I’d remember to drink water occasionally, or have an umbrella handy. And if I’ve ignored that advice for all these years, what makes the weatherperson think I’m going to start listening now?

    (Not that TV news should be confused with journalism.)

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