The Devil Inside

I found this posted on a forum I frequent:

“Why Doesn’t Healthy Food Taste Good? I have a theory on this. Satan works hard every day to deceive us. Infiltrating our food supply with foods swimming in calories, fat, sodium, and sugar is a subtle yet powerful way to get us down. Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains did taste superior to any other food at one time—before our taste buds were introduced to the food of the twenty first century. So think about that today. Give credit where credit is due. Satan has succeeded at creating a relentless pressure to eat; he wants you to eat a bunch of junk that provides temporal satisfaction only. He is jealous of your physical body and wants you to degrade yours. The more advanced our food supply becomes, the more power he has to tempt you. So don’t let him. You are stronger and better than he is. Let that give you the willpower and determination to make the healthier choice today.”

My reply:

The biology of obesity in an affluent, technology-based society is somewhat simpler than the myth of a pitchfork wielding demon: human bodies are designed to store calories in the form of fat in preparation for times of drought and famine, and to that end are naturally attracted to foods with the most of what the body needs to store to survive. If you take that kind of evolutionary adaptation and short circuit it by removing most of the exercise and all of the famine, and add to it an unlimited supply of fats and sugars, you get a population that ends up lazy, decadent, obese, and most importantly, unhealthy. The industrial and technological revolutions are rife with potential, but only to those who understand how to discipline themselves.

The devil didn’t make you do it.

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