“This is Carlton Your Doorman…”

I don’t know how many of the Giant Muh’s global fanship were aficionados of the Mary Tyler Moore spinoff Rhoda, but we who grew up in the House of Barron seldom missed an episode. Of course, as with a lot of television in the 1970s, I had a huge crush on star Valerie Harper.

I digress, as usual. One character in Rhoda was Carlton Your Doorman, whose voice we heard on Rhoda’s intercom, but who we never saw. I tell you this to tell you this…

Our friends Michael and Thea received an unusual Christmas gift from Thea’s sister and bother-in-law: a handsome iron sculpture, made from the brother-in-law’s “best broken-handled shovel.” When I arrived in Norman this afternoon, I wanted to photograph it, but the light in their front yard was in full shade, so we decided to wait until dark and play with light.

Carlton illuminated by multiple=
Carlton illuminated by multiple flashes. The exclaimation-point-shaped white mark on the left side of the frame is the flash, which was set for high-burst-rate strobe effect.


  1. I totally remember watching Rhoda on Saturday nights, I believe. I didn’t have a crush on her though, cause she and MTM reminded me of my mother and that would be weird. It’s cool that the shovel thing is named after Carlton the doorman. My word verification deserves a mention. outokeed. I read it like out okied. Oh yeah, remember her etc wall hanging? My mom had one of those.

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