Back Down the Bully

[stextbox id=”warning” caption=”From the song ‘Wounded’ by Third Eye Blind”]Back down the bully
to the back of the bus
because it’s time for them
to be afraid of us…[/stextbox]
The subject of this story won’t see it, because I am about to “unfriend” her on Facebook. My guess is that she won’t notice. We’ll caller her “Marie.” The reason I am unfriending her is that she posted this on her Facebook wall…

"Let's just remember to be kind."
“Let’s just remember to be kind.”

Why in the world would I object to this?

This is about how grown ups forget that they were young, and forget the genuinely terrible things they did in their youth.

I was the kid who got called fag, and I was the kid who got called lame. I got bullied all the time. And I got bullied all the time by Marie’s boyfriend. She used him to belittle and intimidate me.

Now that Marie has a skinny teenage kid of her own, she’s “against” bullying. But when it served her, she used it often. Thank you, Marie, for being a shallow, self-serving amnesiac douchebag.


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